Terms and Conditions


This Code of Conduct sets the minimum standards of work practice to be maintained by temporary staff while on assignment with jobwire.

Please read the following carefully and sign the attached declaration slip to confirm your understanding of the Code of Conduct which you are expected to maintain over the course of your temporary employment with jobwire.

I have read and understood the Code of Conduct set out below, and agree to:-

  • Perform to the best of my ability whilst on assignment;
  • Continue in any given assignment until the completion date, or date otherwise advised;
  • Wear appropriate attire to all assignments;
  • Not use mobile phones whilst on assignment only during permitted break times;
  • Advise jobwire immediately if delayed or unable to report to any assignment;
  • Advise jobwire of any change in contact details, change of address or telephone numbers;
  • Be flexible and to co-operate with clients directions;
  • Advise jobwire immediately of any problems or concerns that may arise during the assignment (in particular, inform jobwire immediately should I feel I am being harassed or discriminated against whilst on assignment)
  • Ensure that I sign in and out each day on a timesheet whilst on assignment. Timesheets are to be received by jobwire no later than 10.00am the following Monday;
  • Keep a copy of timesheets and pay advices for my records;
  • Contact jobwire on a regular basis when not on assignment keeping jobwire informed of my availability for work;
  • Advise jobwire of any new skills that I may have gained;
  • I accept that on some types of assignments I may be requires to undertake a medical examination or drug and alcohol screening and/or a criminal background check as required by jobwire’s clients;
  • I understand that drinking alcohol or taking drugs or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during work hours or while in charge of a vehicle is not permissible and will result in instant dismissal. jobwire and its clients have the right to conduct random drug and alcohol tests. N.B Remember the Blood Alcohol Level for drivers of heavy vehicles is .00 (nationally) and for car drivers is either .05 or .08 (depending on the state you are in);
  • I understand that there is no smoking in any jobwire office, vehicle or client vehicle. I will also comply with client smoking policies when working on their premises;
  • I will present for work fit to complete my work responsibilities, and in a clean, tidy and hygienic manner;
  • I will wear a company uniform if issued with one;
  • If issued with a jobwire uniform, I acknowledge that a refundable uniform deposit of either $25 (minor PPE issued i.e vest, polo etc) or $50 (major PPE issued i.e drill shirt, overalls, etc) will be deducted from my pay at the rate of $25 over either 1 or 2 weeks. This deposit will be refunded within 7 days of me returning the uniform directly to a jobwire office;
  • jobwire is responsible for statutory Workers’ Compensation Insurance and, in the event of any injury occurring during an assignment, e.g motor vehicle or person injury accidents, I will contact jobwire with details immediately. All appropriate forms must be filled out truthfully and accurately, as soon as possible. I accept that jobwire’s management can review my ‘at fault record’ while at jobwire and this could result in the termination of my employment
  • Any driving offences which occur i.e traffic infringements, whilst operating any jobwire or clients vehicles are my sole responsibility, and I will be required to pay all fines applicable
  • I agree that I will not approach, contact, communicate with (either in writing or verbally) or in any way solicit business from any of jobwire’s customers during the period of six months after the termination of my employment with jobwire;
  • I further agree not to directly or indirectly (namely through a company or other legal entity) approach, contact, communicate with (either in writing or verbally), or in any way solicit business from any of jobwire’s customers during the period of six months after the termination of my employment with jobwire;
  • I understand that any information not provided by me at the time of my interview must be supplied to jobwire by way of fax, letter or email, e.g banking details, Tax File Number, etc;
  • I understand that jobwire accepts no responsibility for incorrect bank account details. It is my responsibility to ensure that the details provided are correct and legible at the time of my application and I will notify jobwire immediately in writing of any changes. I understand that any bank fee charges, due to me providing incorrect bank details, will be automatically deducted from my current weeks pay.


I have read, understood and agree to the conditions set out below:-

  • My employment with jobwire is as a temporary employee. On an assignment by assignment basis, with each assignment constituting a discreet period of employment. I may accept or reject any offer of an assignment from jobwire however, once accepted, the assignment must be completed. jobwire is under no obligation to offer me further assignments;
  • I understand that jobwire does not control the length of any assignment and I accept that whilst jobwire may indicate the potential length of an assignment with a client in good faith, the client may vary the length of an assignment period or terminate my attendance at an assignment at their absolute discretion;
  • I accept that if a client of jobwire varies the length of an assignment period or terminates my attendance at an assignment, as provided for in Point 2 above, jobwire has the right to discontinue my employment and to not offer me further assignments with other clients in the future;
  • I accept that I am under the care, control and supervision of jobwire’s client during the period of any assignment in regard to defined working arrangements and the manner and proficiency in which my work is to be performed. I acknowledge the right of jobwire’s client to direct my work activities;
  • If there is any alteration to a job assignment, I agree that this must be discussed with my supervisor and my jobwire consultant;
  • Whilst on assignment, I acknowledge that I must be courteous to the client and the client’s staff at all times;
  • I agree to adhere to all Occupational Health and Safety policies of jobwire and jobwire’s client, and to obey all lawful and reasonable orders of jobwire’s client with regard to the use of safety equipment, the wearing of protective clothing and noise protection devices, and with regard to methods of performing work tasks;
  • Payment for my work will be made by jobwire on a weekly basis only on receipt of a jobwire time sheet, correctly completed and with appropriate authorisation by an approved client supervisor, or by some other method defined by jobwire;
  • Payment to me by jobwire may be made at jobwire’s discretion by Electronic Funds Transfer to the bank account nominated by me;
  • I understand that it is my responsibility to provide an authorised jobwire time sheet to the jobwire office and acknowledge that I will not be paid if the time sheet is not provided. Work time sheets are to be completed daily, showing my start/finish times. At the completion of an assignment or at the end of each week (if the assignment is not completed), it is my responsibility to have my time sheet signed by the client and faxed or sent to jobwire before 10.00am Monday;
  • I understand that future payments may be adjusted if actual working hours or other details differ from information provided on authorised time sheets received by jobwire and I further agree to allow jobwire to deduct any overpayment from future payments;
  • My remuneration by jobwire is on an hourly basis according to my classification and is subject to all relevant provisions of any appropriate Award, Site or Enterprise Agreement;
  • My hourly rate is subject to change from the effective implementation date of any decision by an authorised tribunal to amend wage rates;
  • Payment of Occupational Superannuation is governed by the appropriate legislation, Award, Site or Enterprise Agreement;
  • On any assignment I will be paid by jobwire for a minimum of four hours, or such other minimum period stipulated by a relevant Award, Site or Enterprise Agreement;
  • I agree to notify the jobwire office as soon as practicable, but no later than normal start time on any day, that I am unable to attend during any period of an assignment;
  • I agree to keep confidential any information obtained during my assignment with jobwire’s client, which may be considered sensitive or confidential to jobwire or its client including client details, trade secrets and other confidential information;
  • For a period of six months from the cessation of my last assignment, I agree that I will not seek or accept a direct offer of employment whether temporary, contract or permanent from any client, former client, employee or former employee of jobwire to whom I am introduced without first notifying jobwire;
  • I agree that I will not seek or accept a direct offer of employment from another agency for placement with a client of jobwire whilst currently employed by jobwire or for a period of two weeks from the cessation of my last assignment with that client, if I have been introduced to that client by jobwire;


In these conditions “the company “means jobwire ibs Pty Ltd ABN 56 609 582 112, its officers, servants, agents and sub‐contractors jobwire TEMPORARY TALENT SERVICES by accepting details of, or viewing or engaging, a candidate introduced by jobwire in a Position offered by the client, or in any other position, or for a casual/temporary assignment, the client agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

Jobwire ibs  will provide to the client, temporary talent on‐hire, using the company’s best professional ability to meet the requirement of the client.

CHARGE FOR SERVICES the client agrees to pay the fees quoted by jobwire from time to time. A quotation for these services have been provided separately.

TERMS OF PAYMENT FOR TEMPORARY invoices are issued on a weekly basis and are payable within 7 days.

Failure to pay invoices on the due date will result in a late payment fee.

Any invoice paid more than 5 days late will incur a late payment fee equivalent to 5% of the invoice value.

PERIOD OF HIRE four (4) hours minimum.

TERMINATION OF HIRE termination as per agreement for temporary talent services. jobwire will pay employees and invoice the client for such appearance monies as are designated by the appropriate award or agreement, in the event that an assignment is cancelled or postponed.

SUPERVISION the client acknowledges that we are not performing the services required of our employees or independent contractors; but are instead the supplier of our employees and independent contractors, at the client’s request, to perform the work that it has requested. From the time that our employees or independent contractors report to the client for their duties they are under the care, control and supervision of the client for duration of the assignment.

In these circumstances, the client agrees we will not be liable to the client in respect of of any damage, loss or injury of whatsoever nature or kind, however caused, whether by our negligence or the negligence of one of our workers, their servants or agents or otherwise, which may be suffered or incurred, whether directly or indirectly, in respect of the services provided under these conditions of assignment.

GUARANTEE‐CASUAL/TEMPORARY jobwire will replace an employee if the client is dissatisfied with their performance,

EMPLOYEES provided we are notified within four hours of the commencement of the assignment.

In the event of a replacement, no fee will be payable by the client for the time worked by the replaced employee.


Jobwire TALENT - The client will covenant not to offer employment to the candidate/casual/temporary employees introduced to them by jobwire, nor engage any of those casual/temporary employees in service of the client during the currency of the hire agreement nor within a period of six months thereafter.

If the client seeks to recruit a candidate/casual/temporary introduced to them by jobwire to their staff within six (6) months of introduction or within six (6) months of the last assignment the client must pay the standard placement fee.

TRADE WITH PREVIOUS JOBWIRE the client will covenant not to engage the recruitment services of jobwire personnel,

EMPLOYEES including consultants and managers, who have left the services of jobwire for a period of six (6) months post the individual having ceased working for the company.

HOURLY RATE all jobwire hourly rate charges included wages and allowances for all statutory charges including workers compensation, payroll tax, superannuation, etc. jobwire Is responsible for PAYE tax deductions and the issuance of Group Certificates to its employees. jobwire talent if the client seeks to recruit a talent introduced by jobwire within three (3) months of introduction or within three (3) months of the last completed assignment the client must pay the standard placement fee quoted by jobwire.

GST all rates quoted by jobwire are exclusive of GST unless stated otherwise.

TESTING & REFERENCE CHECKING testing and reference checking is carried out as far as it is practical to do so. jobwire makes every effort to maintain high standards of integrity and reliability among our talent. We cannot, however, accept any responsibility for any claim, loss, expense,damage or delay arising from any failure to provide staff for all or part of the booking or from any lack of skill, negligence, dishonesty or misconduct of the staff provided.

TRAVEL any client authorised travel during assignments will be invoiced at the hourly rate and/or the kilometre allowance designated by the appropriate award or agreement.

TIMESHEETS must be signed by an authorised person confirming all details to be true and correct and faxed to jobwire each week by 9.00am Monday morning.

ABOVE AWARD PAYMENTS will be charged as additional items where applicable, e.g. site allowance, dirt money, meal allowances, etc.

OH&S POLICY all clients have the same duty of care obligation to the contractor under the Occupational Health & Safety Act, regulations, code of practices and Australian Standards as appropriate to ensure there is the provision of a safe workplace; a safe work system; adequate supervision and training, an induction to site and equipment, including amenities and evacuation procedures; eliminating hazards and controlling risks to health and safety.

PRIVACY POLICY jobwire respects and is committed to protecting the rights to privacy of our talent associates and clients. As such we are bound by the National Privacy Principles (NPPS).

In the course of business, clients will be in receipt of candidate information that may be of a personal or sensitive nature. Clients are advised that holding, use and disclosure of such information is not allowed outside of the primary purpose for which it has been supplied. Clients are also required to take reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. Upon completion of the activity for which the information was supplied, the client must not retain the information but dispose of it immediately in a responsible manner.